The Christmas Lights of Zechariah 4:1-14

The worldview of the godly Jew at the time of Christ was steeped in the prophecies of Zechariah. At every point in the unfolding story of Jesus in the four gospels, loomed the large shadow of Zechariah the prophet. Zechariah’s Link to the Christmas story The Holy Spirit is the olive oil that fuels the […]

Good for our kids….

We are moving through the prophecies of Zechariah on Sunday mornings @ BFC. Studying the Bible together is a good thing…. It is also good for our kids to hear grownup Bible stuff. They learn more from our passion for God’s Word than we realize.

Jerusalem in the Prophecies of Zechariah

It is interesting to me the prominence that Jerusalem has on the world stage in modern times. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam consider Jerusalem a vital part of their religious histories and traditions. Some in modern times are proposing that Jerusalem become a designated international city, belonging to the world and not merely to one nation, […]


The visions of Zechariah offer a unique window through which to view the unfolding history of the world from the divine perspective. Zechariah shows that history progresses on a schedule and according to a plan formulated by God Himself. He is never surprised by events in real-time. He exercises sovereign oversight in the unfolding saga […]