It is about 4:20 AM on Monday morning. I have begun my study of the next vision reported in Zechariah 5:5-11. The vision of the little woman in the 5-gallon bucket/basket is indeed strange and puzzling. Her name is wickedness. The lid that covers the bucket/basket was made of heavy lead. Two women with Stork wings transport the woman in the basket to the plain of Shinar in Babylon. On arrival, the woman was placed on a pedestal, apparently to be honored and worshipped.


Well, first things first. Listed below are some initial steps in examing the vision. Look carefully at the words, sentences, paragraphs to know what it says. Determine, as much as possible, who was the original audience and what they may have understood about the passage. Why did the Lord reveal this vision to them? How does the vision fit into the larger context of Zechariah? What is its relationship to the greater volume of Old Testament prophetic teachings? What is its relationship of the vision to the story of Jesus in the New Testament? Is there a message to the church in the vision? What might it reveal about the ways of God in the world men?  Until next time.

Dr. Don


Digging Deeper!