Where I live in south Mississippi, a snow day comes about once every five years. We had one last week, a couple of inches, not much. However, even a little snow can pretty much shut down the town. We try not to drive when it is snowing, but that doesn’t keep us from going outside and feeling the snowflakes upon our cheeks, or busting someone with a snowball, or just standing by a window in watchful awe.

The gently falling flakes charm the soul, reminding us that there is still some freshness in this old, tired world of ours. The snow indiscriminately blankets all beneath the same wonderland covering, hiding for a moment the broken, the soiled, and the abandoned beneath the same coverlet of innocence. The snow so fresh upon the ground soon fades away like the days of our youth with only the memory faint upon our cheek. THE GREAT HORSE MANURE STANK OF 2017