TEXT: Zechariah 1:7-17

THEME: Zechariah received the first of eight visions detailing the future of Israel under the rule of God, particularly the restoration of Jerusalem and the temple on the temple mount, and the eventual messianic rule of the messianic king over Israel and the nations.




Introduction to the eight visions

Date visions received

Received during the night

LORD gave the visions



Description of what Zechariah saw and heard in the vision

Rider of a red horse

Other riders of various colored horses

A grove of Myrtle trees

An attending angel



The message the angel gave to Zechariah to deliver to the Jewish returnees in Jerusalem

LORD is exceedingly jealous for Israel

LORD had been a little angry with them

LORD is exceedingly angry at the nations for mistreating His people Israel

LORD has returned to His people

LORD will rebuild the temple and Jerusalem

LORD will bless His people in the towns of Judah

LORD comfort His people and bring them out of distress



The words of the LORD given through Zechariah quieted the troubled hearts and strengthened the wounded spirits of the people in their work of rebuilding the temple. The 70-year period of hard times associated with the discipline of the Lord had challenged the faith and faithfulness of the people of Israel. The church is also living in dark and troublesome times. The church today needs the encouragement and strengthening that comes from the “crying out” of the message of God given in the Bible. That message includes the promises and prophecies for the restoration of national Israel in the messianic plan of God as set forth in Zechariah.